Upload types

An upload is the process of copying the live data from a device to the versiondog server.

The upload type determines which settings are available when you create a job. Different parameters need to be configured for different upload types. This means that the area Job configuration in versiondog looks slightly different for different devices.

There are two types of upload:

FAQ: Is it possible to start a job outside of versiondog?

Yes, it is possible to start a job outside of versiondog.


  • The job needs to be present in the Job configuration.
  • You need the 32-digit job ID.

For more information, see FAQ: Where do I find a 32 character job ID (and how can I copy it into a clipboard)?

Proceed as follows to start the job once from outside versiondog:

  1. Create an XML file with the following content:
	<Root FuncId="8">
	<JobID>{The Job ID with exactly 32 characters}</JobID >
  1. Place the XML file on the versiondog server in the directory ..\\vdServerArchive\VD$A\Data\ToDos\External.

The job will be executed once. After that, the XML file is deleted by versiondog.

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