Using the Quicksave option, you can temporarily save backup copies of your current work on the server without creating a new version.

Quicksave is not intended as an alternative to the regular creation of new versions, but as a means of temporarily saving data so that no storage space is occupied by many versions with incomplete changes. An additional benefit is that it is easier to keep track of a version history if it shows a history of completed changes. During a lengthy editing process, a Quicksave can protect against loss of data while providing the ability to roll back to security points if required.

Activating quicksave

  1. Start the AdminClient and open the module Global settings.
  2. Open the Components tab.
  3. In the section Quicksave, activate the checkbox Enable Quicksave.
  4. Confirm by clicking on OK.

In the UserClient menu, the Quicksave section is displayed in the Extras tab with the two checkboxes Create and Manage.

Maximum number of quicksaves

You can decide on the maximum amount of quicksaves permitted. This can be done in the Global settings module in the Components tab located in the AdminClient. In the field Maximum number per user per component, enter the permitted amount.

Once the maximum amount has been reached, the oldest Quicksave will be deleted as soon a new one has been created. In the Client settings dialog, you can configure whether a warning is displayed when the maximum number of quick saves is reached in the Quicksave tab. For more information, see the section Client settings.

Creating a quicksave

In order to create a quicksave, the following requirements need to be fulfilled:

Proceed as follows:

  1. In the Project tree, select a directory or component.
  2. Open the Extras tab.
  3. Open the drop-down menu and go to Create. Then click one of the following options: Create or Create with comment.
  4. A Quicksave of the directory or component will now be created. If you select the option Create with comment, you can enter a comment regarding the changes before creating the Quicksave.

Unnecessary quicksaves

When you create a Quicksave, versiondog compares the checksum of the files that you want to save with those of the previous quicksave. If the checksums are the same, the window Quicksave not necessary will appear. You can then decide if you still want to create a quicksave or not.

In the Client settings dialog, you can configure whether the Quicksave not necessary dialog will be displayed in the Quicksave tab. Alternatively, you can activate that quick saves are always created or not created in that case. For more information, see the section Client settings.

Managing quicksaves

If you have created one or multiple quicksaves, you can compare these with the working directory or a version or copy them into a directory.

  1. In the Project tree, select the newly-created component for which you have created the quicksaves.
  2. Open the Extras tab.
  3. Click on Manage...
  4. The dialog Manage quicksaves will then open. In this dialog, all components will be displayed for which there are already Quicksaves.

By default, you can only see quicksaves that you yourself have created. If you have administrative rights, you can see by clicking on Show all users quicksaves that other users have created.