versiondog Upload & Compare Agents

Agents can be used to add decentralised locations to the versiondog system for the backup and comparison of data. The following agents are available:

In this guide, you will receive information about how to use versiondog Upload & Compare Agents. The aim is to provide the user with all the knowledge required for working with them. It is assumed that the user has a basic knowledge of the concepts of the versiondog system as well as some knowledge of networks.


Key features

Online backups of HMI Runtimes (during operation)
Decentralised job execution in order to increase efficiency and load distribution when executing a job.
Task distribution and parallel processing
Avoid installing an editor on the versiondog main server
Avoid updating and upgrading the hardware for the versiondog main server
Avoid installing an editor and hardware upgrades on the client computer

When updating the server, automatic SmartUpdate of the agents is available
Tutorial available online in versiondog INFO

versiondog upload & compare agents is an add-on and needs to be activated separately in your licence. If you are interested in using versiondog upload & compare agents, contact us (

Last updated: 21 July 2021