The versiondog system supports the management of SIMATIC WinCC projects and enables the automatic backup creation and the cyclical monitoring of the controllers.


Image: Integration Siemens SIMATIC WinCC


System requirements



5.x 6.x 7.x 7.4 7.5
versiondog 1.52.2      
versiondog 4.5    
versiondog 5.5  
versiondog 8.0

Other requirements


Features and functions

Component type for SIMATIC WinCC

Integrated SIMATIC WinCC project tree

Automatically detect differences between the program running on the device and the current version on the server (backup/backup detailed comparied, version/backup detailed comparison)
Detailed compare for process images and C actions / project functions (see Requirements)
Clear presentation of complete change history


FAQ: Why does the comparison of my WinCC/WinCC flexible projects fail, even though an instance of SQL Server is installed?


If the name of the SQL Server Instance on the client system is different from the versiondog standard name (WINCC or WINCCFLEXEXPRESS9, versiondog will not be able to access it.

versiondog assumes one of these names, since these are set in the majority of installations of SQL servers included with WinCC/WinCC flexible.



If the name of the SQL Server Instance differs from the standard, this name needs to be made known to versiondog.

In the following example the instance name is set to MSSQLEXPRESS:

1. In the directory, go to <vdClientArchive>\VD$A\Configuration\Compare

2. Open the file AgentStation.ini, if this is not available, you can open it with another text editor

3. Insert the following contents, depending on whether you wish to compare WinCC or WinCC flexible (MSSQLEXPRESS is the example name of the SQL Instanz):

  1. [WinCC]
  1. [WinCCFlexible]



If the above entry is one of the versiondog standard names of WINCC or WINCCFLEXEXPRESS, then versiondog will expect that editor to be installed in addition to the instance of SQL Server.

If it is not installed, the comparison will fail.

This means that if no WinCC editor is installed, then you cannot use WINCC or WINCCFLEXEXPRESS as the name of the SQL instance.


If you need an installation guide of the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition, contact us.


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Last updated: 24 January 2022