versiondog scripting

versiondog gives you the option to create scripts and scripting applications, which can be used to execute specific events. You can use these scripts to further enhance the default behaviour of the versiondog system. For example, you can use scripts to run specific projects or specific version of an editor. You can also use scripts enable work with devices, that are not completely supported by versiondog.

Scripts and scripting applications are not permanently active. Rather they are first called up when a specific action on the server or on the client occurs. For more information about which actions can be used to call up which scripts or scripting applications, see Server-sided events and Client-sided events.

Scripting applications are compiled files and can be independently created and used by users.

In addition, the versiondog scripting package provides users with a number of advantages when it comes to creating scripts:

The versiondog scripting package is an add-on and is not part of the versiondog system as standard.

It is possible to use scripts via user-specified button in the UserClient. These are configurable and can be used to execute user-defined scripts. To configure buttons, see below.

versiondog scripting is an add-on and needs to be activated separately in your licence. If you are interested in using the versiondog scripting, contact us (

Last updated: 21 July 2021