The EasyClient contains all basic functions of the UserClient. This client has been developed at customer request to simplify the editing of components. The start page of the EasyClient user interface how much the process of editing projects has been simplified.

EasyClient functions

Four functions underpin what the EasyClient can offer:

A further key feature of the EasyClient is the project tree. The project tree displays the structure in which the project data is stored.

Moreover, the EasyClient can be configured in such a way that only certain components are accessible to a user on a computer for processing.

Example: When a user works on a visualization panel, the EasyClient can be configured to show only the components relevant to that panel to the user, which provides better overview and reduces the risk of errors.

versiondog clients will close once two hours, without user activity, have passed. This is the default setting. In order to continue using the clients, the user will have to log in again. If the client application has been open for over 48 hours, the user will also have to log in again (this also occurs by default and will happen regardless of whether user activity took place during this time period or not).

It is possible to configure these values to suit your individual needs. This can be done via an entry in the server.ini file. For more information, see INI files in AdminClient.

If the VDogMasterService is restarted, during the time period in which a client application is open, the user will have to log in again. This is because login information is lost when the service is restarted.

In this tutorial:

Last updated: 02 July 2020