Microsoft Word: integrating a document

To integrate a Word document into versiondog, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the UserClient.
  2. Create a new directory/ sub-directory (F7) in the Project tree.
  3. Click on New component (F8).
  4. In the Create Component dialog, select the Microsoft or _Universal folder in the Project tree.
  5. Select the component Word or Documentation and then click on Create component.
  6. Click on Show in file manager (Ctrl + E).
  7. Copy the document to the file manager, save and close the file manager.
  8. Click on Create and Check-In the base version.

The Word document is now integrated into and can be managed by versiondog.


FAQ: You perform a Check-In of a component that is a Documentation component type and while doing so a dialogue box "Unversioned changes in working directory" pops up, informing you that "these unversioned changes will not be copied to the server”. What changes are referred to here and how should you go about resolving the problem?

Specific scenario

The user wishes to create and Check-In a version of a component that is a Documentation component type. The component was created with a file whose name contains a hyphen with the shortcut (ALT + 0150). When creating a new version of the component, a dialogue box appears, telling you that the "unversioned changes will not be copied to the server".


The dialogue box appeared because the hyphen with the shortcut (ALT + 0150) was not recognized and was therefore replaced by another symbol.


If you click on Continue, the component will be saved on the server. We strongly recommend, when naming Documentation component types, that you do not use the shortcut (ALT + 0150).


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