Schneider Citect SCADA / AVEVA Citect SCADA 2016

Citect SCADA is a PC based visualisation software. versiondog supports the management of Schneider Citect SCADA projects and enables the cyclical monitoring of devices. Since the merge of Schneider Electric with AVEVA, Citect SCADA is also provided by AVEVA and can be found under Citect SCADA 2016.

Network diagram

System requirements

From versiondog


7.20 7.50 2016 (8.0)

Please keep in mind when carrying out a comparison

If your Citect SCADA project is in the working directory and is currently not compiled, a warning () will appear during the comparison in the UserClient.

Close your project in the Citect SCADA editor before you start the comparison using versiondog. For technical reasons, versiondog is not able to ascertain prior to a comparison, if you have Citect SCADA open or not. A comparison carried out with the editor open will probably end in failure.


Key features and functions

Automated detection of program changes (backup and version comparison)
SmartCompare for Citect SCADA projects (version - comparison)
Clear presentation of complete change history
Custom component type for Citect SCADA projects
Components can be opened using versiondog
Integrated Citect SCADA project tree
No additional software required

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Last updated: 02 July 2020