Configuring account policies

You have the option to configure login criteria, user rights, passwords and rules in the dialogue Account policies.

  1. Start AdminClient, open User management and then click on Account policies.

  2. Under the tab Authorisation, you can select from the following options:
  3. In the Password tab, you can configure time restrictions, password history, random passwords, a standard password and registration criteria.
  4. If the password you enter does not meet these specifications, a warning will be displayed. You can still however change the password as desired.

  5. In the Password policy tab, you can set a minimum number of characters as well as the complexity of the password.
  6. After activating the check box, you define the event for locking and the locking time in the Lock account tab.
  7. If you want to allow/disallow the user to log on locally to the server, activate/deactivate the corresponding checkbox in the Miscellaneous tab.