Adjusting component types

We strongly recommend that you preserve the delivered library of standard component types to use these as templates. When you want to customize a component type, make a copy of it beforehand.

  1. In the Component Library, select the component type that you would like to use as a template.
  2. Right-click and select Copy component type.

  3. In the same directory, a new component type with the name copy of will be created.
  4. In General under the field Name, change the name of the new component type.
  5. For technical reasons the name must be unique and may not be identical to the name of the original component type.

  6. If you want to move the copy into another directory in the Component type library, enter in the field Hierarchy. the path to the new directory.
  7. The path cannot be selected via a directory dialog, but must be entered manually. Directory levels are separated through backslashes.

  8. Changes are directly incorporated in the Component type library.
  9. Example:

  10. Implement further comparison and save related settings. For more information, click here.
  11. Click on Save in the ribbon.