The versiondog system supports the management of ABB IRC5 projects and enables the automatic creation of backups as well as the cyclic monitoring of the robots.

This tutorial is valid for both IRC5 and IRC5P robots. Since the procedure is identical for both robot controllers, only the designation IRC5 is used for the sake of simplicity.

System requirements

From versiondog


RobotWare Version
4.0 5.x to 6.02
9.0 5.x to 7.x

Other system requirements

If you want to use the Connection type ABB Robotics PC SDK for IRC5 jobs, the following prerequisites apply:

The internal connection paths for the ABB Robotics PC SDK type depend on the firmware used.

Compare, Upload, Backup


versiondog version:

4.0 Possible Possible Yes

Upload, Backup, Editor integration:

versiondog version:

Upload type Backup (disaster recovery) Editor integration*
4.0 Possible Possible Yes

*Open in editor or key F4

Key features and functions

Automatic change recognition between the program on the device and the current version on the server (backup/backup detailed comparison, version/backup detailed comparison)
Clear presentation of complete change history
Automatic backup for disaster recovery
Custom component type for ABB robot projects

Devices supported:

  • ABB IRC5 and IRC5P robots projected from and including RobotStudio 6.0

In this tutorial:

Last updated: 14 January 2022