FAQ list

FAQ for setting up versiondog

  1. Installation of versiondog server fails. What could be the reason for this?
  2. How do I change the directory in which the client archive is stored?
  3. How do I configure versiondog if the client archive has to be located on a shared drive?

FAQs for working with versiondog

  1. When I try logging onto a versiondog client, the process fails with the following error message: "Error calling a remote function [Function: CSC_OSAPI_SmartUpdate] [ID 30320]", but when I tested the connection all ports are displayed with a green tick. What could be the reason for this?

  2. Some time ago I requested and received a licence file (Licence.bin or Licence.json). The file remained unused for a while. When I now try to use it to licence versiondog, an error message is displayed which states that the selected versiondog licence has expired. How is this possible?
  3. versiondog Gateway cannot be started. What could be the reason?
  4. In our company, the projects located in the vdServerArchive are listed in a web-based platform. Is it possible to open and edit these projects directly from this platform?
  5. I have changed the settings in the INI files. versiondog is no longer working. What should I do?

  6. Why was the last checked in version of the component on a server overwritten during the parallel server operation?

FAQs for working with versiondog UserClient

  1. During Check-In, the following error message is displayed: [Name: GetDiskFreeSpaceEx] [Info: <Directory>] [NOTE: Access denied]. How can I resolve this problem?
  2. How can I change the maximum number of differences that are displayed when version are compared?
  3. How can an administrator centrally set versiondog so that the lock state Under development or Lock for other users is preselected on Check-Out?
  4. How can a user set their versiondog UserClient so that the lock state Under development or Lock for other users is preselected on Check-Out?

FAQs for working with versiondog AdminClient

  1. Is it possible to change the configuration of a client computer using the versiondog server?
  2. How do I set up the versiondog server so that devices are backed up one after the other (i.e. not several devices simultaneously)?
  3. Should I select in AdminClient > Component type editor > Recognize changes by time stamp or Recognize by checksum? How will this have an affect on the system performance? Do I need to keep the file size in mind?
  4. What happens if I delete a user that checked in the versions? Will versiondog prevent me from deleting the user? Will the versions that said user checked in be deleted as well?
  5. How can I deactivate the feature allow clear text display for passwords?
  6. Why do attempts by the versiondog server to send emails fail?
  7. SSL encrypted connection to Active Directory server fails with the following error message. How can I resolve this problem?
  8. How can I import a certificate on the versiondog server or check its availability?
  9. FAQs about Jobs

  10. Can a job be started from outside versiondog?

  11. Why do I get a license-related message when I create, change, copy, or execute jobs?
  12. Where do I find a 32 character job ID (and how can I copy it into a clipboard)?
  13. Why does a job fail to run successfully and end in an error even though an agent is installed and an upload job is properly configured?
  14. Why are jobs running so slowly?

FAQs for working with versiondog ReportClient

FAQs for working with versiondog WebClient and the versiondog MobileApp

  1. Why is the WebClient not working?

  2. The versiondog web server will not open. What could the potential problem be and how can this be solved?

  3. How do you activate / deactivate SSL Ciphers in the Web Server?
  4. The web server has been set up with the versiondog certificate. Why can't the versiondog MobileApp be used on my iOS smartphone?

FAQs for device independent upload types

  1. Configuring the ASCII comparator: I have specified the lines that I want to exclude by entering their lines numbers, so why are they still displayed during the comparison?
  2. You perform a Check-In of a component that is a Documentation component type and while doing so a dialogue box "Unversioned changes in working directory" pops up, informing you that "these unversioned changes will not be copied to the server”. What changes are referred to here and how should you go about resolving the problem?
  3. FAQ: when I created a backup using a backup job via the upload class FTP, an error arises. What do I need to change to fix this error?
  4. FAQ: the comparison of a component (component type Word) with password protected content ends in an error. How can this be resolved?
  5. FAQ: the comparison of a component (component type Excel) with password protected content ends in an error. How can this be resolved?
  6. UNC Job: how can I correct the error message "Error connecting to target system" [ID384]?

FAQs for device support

  1. Why does the comparison of my WinCC/WinCC flexible projects fail, even though an instance of SQL Server is installed?

  2. During the course of a backup carried out via Upload & Compare agent, the WinCC compare process terminates with errors. What do I have to change in order to run the comparison without errors?

  3. Why do errors #30401 or #31102 occur when I attempt to version an "S5 for Windows" project?
  4. Why does the upload freeze when I upload a password protected RSLogix 5 / RSLogix 500 project?
  5. Restoring an S7 project that contains F-blocks fails with an error message. How to procee

  6. When accessing the S7 controller via the IBH-Link, one of the following two errors is produced. Can these errors be corrected?

  7. A new version cannot be created even though the SIMATIC S7 program has been compiled several times

  8. Why does a SINAMICS upload job still stop with the error message "Cancelled due to timeout" even though the editor is correctly installed?
  9. How do I create backups of a SINUMERIK 840D project if the HMI runs on a separate computer (PCU), and not on a NCU, and the connection fails?
  10. Why did the Emerson PAC Machine Edition job fail?
  11. B&R Automation Studio project cannot be opened in B&R Automation Studio Editor using versiondog. What is the reason for this and How can I resolve this problem?
  12. The B&R Editor does not open in the desired language when double-clicking on a project or when opened from versiondog. How can I change the language?

FAQs about add-ons

  1. Problems are arising when any attempt to determine device data for the factory floor status is carried out. Does the entire factory floor status have to be deactivated? Or can jobs be specifically excluded when determining device data concerning the factory floor status?
  2. While filtering device data in Factory Floor Status, problems occur. Does the entire Factory Floor Status need to be deactivated? Or can you configure settings so that only the jobs that coincide with the problems are excluded from the filter?
  3. List of FAQs for AUVESY Image Service

Last updated: 23 April 2021